Here, I would like to introduce you to two open-source graphics editing programs that are worth taking for a spin.

1. Actually, I have been using the free, open-source graphics editor, Gimp for quite some time and I can tell it’s as good as Photoshop in many ways. The new 2.6 version support for 32 bits per color channel and a new GEGL-based backend, polygonal and sectional selection with the Free Select Tool, docked tools, and menus, and a "brush dynamics" sub-menu that gives creators serious control over their pixel-pushing tools. Try Gimp!

2. Inkscape is another lovely, free, open-source vector editing program that you could use instead of Adobe Illustrator. I’m not a hardcore illustrator but as far as I can tell, all the tools and functions that you would ever need for your designing purposes are available on Inkscape too. Check out the Inkscape gallery at Deviant Art to see how lovable it can be.

GIMP and Inkscape are two free programs that you must take a spin at. Installation Packages are available for Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms. Go give it a try | Gimp 2.6 | Inkscape >>

Click Here to Read More..
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Each and every day we start new projects, install new Applications to our computers, cluttering the desktop and often dispatching mysterious Malwares and Adware’s to the system. But not many are concerned about organizing their desktops for productivity. I have seen badly cluttered desktops with like over 90 desktop shortcuts. If you are one of the victims, better take action now than never. With the right Software applications and WebApps, one could easily double his/hers productivity.

Part- 1> Install and keep updated with dependable Programs and Drivers
Most of our daily-use Applications come with the Operating System itself. However, these might not be the best Application for the job as there are better, free Applications a click away. For example, I bet some of you will have probably about 3 instant messaging clients running on your computer. But what if you could use all your instant messaging services (yahoo,msn google talk etc) with just one Application? Fixing small slip-ups like this will help you boost your computers overall performance.

Here are afew Free Software’s that I would recommend for a better computing...

Digsby or Pidgin: Manage all your email and social networking accounts within one window. (Supports AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber and even Facebook Chat).

Opera or Firefox: These are the two best web browsers on the internet. Opera is much faster than firefox, however Opera lacks extensions, addons, compared to firefox. These two browsers are limitlessly customizable.

VLC Media Player: If you are using Windows Media Player, it will ask to install many codec’s to play vague formats. However, if you have the Free, VLC Media Player installed on your PC, you will never suffer of indistinct media formats. VLC Media can play virtually any media file, including DVDs, CDs, and various streaming protocols. Moreover, it can be used to rip your DVD’s too. (Just another reason not to install an extra Application just to rip DVD’s and CD’s)

Open Office: Best Package for all your Office needs. Free, alternative office suite OpenOffice already supports the upcoming OpenDocument Format 1.2, allowing you to save your documents in ODF for a bit of future proofing. It’s lighter than Ms Office and can save your files as PDF’s (again, bye bye documents to PDF converters).

7-Zip: Free, 7-Zip has a higher compression ratio compared to WinRaR or Winzip and can unpack almost any compressing format. Usually, 7-Zip compresses to 7z format 30-70% better than to zip format. And 7-Zip compresses to zip format 2-10% better than most of other zip compatible programs.

Winamp or SongBird: Free, wonderful media players that can be tweaked, customized, and personalized for your music pleasure.

Windows Live Photo Gallery: Google's free desktop software, Picasa used to be my favorite until MS Live Photo Gallery showed up. With the New Free Live Photo Gallery, you could do anything with your photos within the Gallery itself. It automatically organizes your Photos based on date, time, rating, and type. Additionally, you can adjust image details, Fix Red Eye, Adjust image exposure with just one click.

Stay in touch for Part- 2> More Free Desktop Applications that could be used to replace your existing ones.

Click Here to Read More..
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Despite the unsuccessful “the Next Big thing of MS 2007– aka windows live”, Microsoft still continues to develop live services and it seems that now MS had learned from their mistakes and finally come up with a Web 2.0 and afew must-have PC and Internet goodies. If you have recently visited Windows live home page, you must have noticed afew cool things worth trying. I like to recommend Photo Galley, Profile and SkyDrive.

Certainly the recent upgrade of live Services will increase Windows Live adoption rates. And moreover, if MS unite with other leading services like Flickr, Photobucket, Twitter, WordPress etc as said by Chris Jones, windows live could be the best service on the internet. However Apple, Google and Yahoo will certainly fight against it and the results are unpredictable. Anyways let hope that this is something worth to bother!

Click Here to Read More..
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My Favorite web browser, Opera still continues to be the fastest Internet browser of all time. Although it never seemed to achieve the kind of success it deserved, Opera Developers still ain't gonna stop until they surpass IE and the Mozilla Firefox. Two days back, Opera Developers announced the popular cross-platform web browser's new version, Opera10 alpha and I could say that the new version continues to please me with the Presto 2.2- rendering speed (up to 30% speed boost compared to previous versions).

Most importantly Opera is looking forward to offer stiff competition with the blazing rendering engines of Firefox and the Google Chrome. Moreover, the Opera10 will offer afew new features including inline spell-check, full HTML email support for Opera's built-in email client, and a perfect score on the Acid3 web standards test.

With ever growing amazing features, Opera still continues to stay below MS IE and Mozilla Firefox. I would say that's not because Opera is weaker compared to IE or firefox, However that’s because IE and firefox's adoption rates are higher than the Opera and on the other hand, many users highly depend on some features like Extensions (Fx) which Opera does not have. Moreover, more than 40% of users choose IE since it’s the default browser that comes with the MS Windows.

Opera just needs to get the attention of the above mentioned users and Opera will be the greatest Web Browser of all time. Maybe advertising it would help Opera gain more love it deserves. And yeah, Opera needs to be more versatile with better addon support, Extensions and also streamlining the password prompt and search bar window might be a good change. Let’s hope for Opera10 final with overall standard improvements.

Opera 10 (alpha)
Opera 9.62 (stable)
Click Here to Read More..
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I am wondering how you feel about an American Degree compared to any other. It seems many of my friends go after American Degrees because it sounds more pro. Others choose Singaporean, Australian etc to get a cheap degree (depending on the University of course). Or could it be because they don't want to waste their time and energy studying crappy subjects like US Constitution, US History, Psychology and other Subjects that don’t concern ones Degree Major.

I don't know about you guys but I think it’s too much for a person who doesn't intend to live in US. I personally had already completed about 23 Subjects despite only 6 Subjects that really concern my Major.

Actually, all this is about a letter I received from Excelsior College. More than 2 years after enrollment, I have been told by Excelsior that they no longer offer the Degree I applied for. Hence, they want me to choose a different concentration. So before I start my last batch to complete the specialization subjects, I must change my entire course. However I’m still not sure what I’m going to choose. So I’m thinking to talk to the management and let them recommend a concentration that best suits me.

If any of you would like to share your opinion you’re most welcome. Also I look forward to transfer my credits to any other College that accredit all the subjects I had completed already and if only I could get the exact Degree I have always worked for, which is IT Graphics Design (BS in Information Technology with a concentration of Multimedia and Web Development ).

Click Here to Read More..
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Lately I have been receiving emails requesting to re-upload some of my stuffs (blogger templates & PSD’s) that have been deleted from the uploaded servers. So after more than a month later, here I am posting on my blog.  Anyways, it’s worth to spend afew minutes checking on my files and re-uploading those which were deleted since there are people visiting and downloading my stuffs at least ones in a while.

Note that all files uploaded by me has been checked, if you have any problems downloading my files please contact me at mfayazatlivedotcom (or just post a comment ;)
Click Here to Read More..
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I didn’t expect that quick. Google new Browser is now portable meaning you can carry it with you on an USB stick.

The latest version can also turn “Incognito” mode as default. So you are “Incognito” surfer!

Get it HERE!

i found this article very interesting, u should read it too..
Dr. Frankenstein's Browser: The Strangely Obvious Ancestry of Google Chrome Click Here to Read More..
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Facebook® released a new, cleaner and simpler design, along with the opportunity for users to preview and test the next-generation features and functionality. The company is inviting people to use the new design and try out the improved features by navigating back and forth between the new and current versions of the site. Access to the new design will be limited at first and gradually become available to all users. Go to discover the new look. You can still roll back to the previous version by clicking a “Back to Old Facebook” link at the top of the site.

Click Here to Add me to your facebook friends

Click Here to Read More..
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Starting as a research project in 1994, Opera has been responsible for some world changing innovations (think tabbed browsing) and yet never seemed to achieve the kind of success it deserved. But this isn’t a history lesson, it’s an article on a few of the killer features of Opera that keep me using it each day. I use Firefox and Flock pretty frequently as well, but Opera, as of version 9.5 has become my favourite.

Download Opera

Click Here to Read More..
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The Edit Web Site bookmarklet turns all of the content of any web site into a editable text. Using it is simple: Just drag the Edit Web Site bookmarklet into your browser's bookmark toolbar, and then click it on any web site you feel like editing. Obviously the changes are purely local, but it's a good way to tweak the day's events exactly to your liking, have a little fun with co-workers, or test out a web site. If you want to give it a quick try, just click the link above to edit this post. [via lifehacker]

Click Here to Read More..
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Just for fun. It’s more an art than real site. But I think it’s gonna be awesome if it could be coded for my blog’s brand new interface. :D 

Fruits at the footer and the paint buckets from the web.
Rest PS 

See full view >>

Click Here to Read More..
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Having multiple workspaces is definitely a benefit to the multi tasking professional. Moving quickly between the desktops also adds a touch of speed to your daily work. Installing a virtual desktop to your windows is very responsive and efficient, and you have the ultimate work environment. If you think you need more space try the following..

1.Install 360 desktop
360desktop transforms your desktop into a panoramic workspace - with more space for everything. Slide around your new workspace quickly and easily between all your open applications, windows and widgets - it'll spin you out. More info>>
Download 360 Desktop>>
Download More contents for 360>>

2.Install Virtual Desktop Manager
My personal favourite VDM is the DeskSpace which I have been using for quite sometime. If you want a free one, try Dexpot or VirtualWin. But remember that the VirtualWin has no visual menu for quick desktop switching like in the case of Dexpot, only shortcuts. It’s also a bit overwhelming and takes some time to get used to.

Click Here to Read More..
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Who said you can’t Photoshop? Try my tutorial on how to create a Stunning 3D floral patterned text effect in less than 15 minutes. It’s easy and simple.

Photoshop CS2 or later
3D text rendering software.
1600×1200px blank canvas

Step 1: First, Pickup the Gradient tool(G) , choose Radial Gradient and fill the background of the canvas with desired colors. For me, I chose White as foreground and Bright Green as background Color.

Step 2: We’ll need something written in 3D. We have two possible variations: You can either use the “Extrude and Bevel” in illustrator or Xara3D to create the 3D text.

Step 3: Copy the 3D text to PS and rename layer as “3D Text”. Then, rotate, adjust the letters to your desire and balance the color. 

Step 4: With me so far? Now make a new layer “floral” above the 3d text, and using any floral brush set, paint on that layer. 

Step 5: Now add fx(Style[Inner Shadow], Blend Mode[normal], Opacity[100], Angel[90], UseGlobalLight[yes], Distance[2], Choke[5], Size[1]); to the “floral layer”.

Step 6: Next, using Magic wand tool, select the outer layer of the 3D text layer and delete the selection after choosing the floral layer.

Step 7: Now add extra effects to splendor your work. These effects aren't needed, but they provide nice details to the final product. Now that we have the basic 3D floral text effect, we can add more effects to give it a reflection, and an environment. 
Click Here to Read More..
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The Opera Desktop Team released Opera 9.51 today, which addresses a few security and lots of stability issues. This release is a recommended upgrade for all those running the latest stable releases.

See the changelog for more information.

Download Opera 9.51 Click Here to Read More..
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Here’s is Opera 9.51 RC2 for everyone who encountered capability issues when upgrading from 9.27. Known problems should now be finally solved. 

1. Security status should be now always correctly set when navigating from HTTP to HTTPS.

2. Fixed an issue related to OCSP and CRLs that would lower security level. 
3. Fixed an issue in the content blocker that might cause no page to be loaded anymore.  
4. Fixed a crash on Yahoo! Mail.
5. Fixed a crash with userjs.
6. Fixed a crash related to Dragonfly.
7. Fixed a crash on Print Preview.
8. Fixed an issue that caused unwanted line breaks in rich text editors.

9. Fixed loading of stylesheets when navigating in history.

Download Opera 9.51 RC2

Click Here to Read More..
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“From today onwards we'll keep on fighting to keep our pride, till the end”.

I dunno, that's what popped into my head when I saw the unexpected pleasure and delirious supporters crowded into main roads to welcome the Maldivian National Team carrying the SAFF championship 2008. It looks fine as a desktop wallpaper too. Hope you’ll like it.

So Once again Congratulations to the Team.

Daadi for letting me use his wonderful photo stock.
Flag-planting idea taken from the cover of "Flags of Our Fathers" target="_blank".

Full View Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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There's alot to like about 9.5 but I've had it crash on me several times when I start a download. If your system is abit old one (say p4 2.0 or lower) Opera might crash bringing the whole system to a dead stop. However, if you have Core 2 or higher, your system might not bring the blue screen of death, but opera will not restore once it freezes. However, the active downloads and the open tabs will be working on the background. I, myself has filed this issue on Opera Helpdesk. At the moment there is no fix for this but Opera admins are working on this issue and probably will release a hot fix very soon.

Meanwhile I have been using my alternative browser, the Mozilla firefox. And trust me, firefox3.0 final is better than I thought it would be and looks clean. Also I learned that the Firefox3.0 has an advanced color management feature that is turned off by default. To enable this follow these steps below [via LfeHacker]:

1. Enter about:config in the address bar
2. Hit "I’ll be careful, I promise!" button
3. In Filter field search for: gfx.color_management.enabled
4. Double click to toggle its default value to “true”
5. That’s it. Restart Firefox!

Warning! This might slow up your System if it’s an old one. Basically you will have to spare another 10-15% of your CPU cycle to have this tweak enabled. Click Here to Read More..
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Last Tuesday I stumbled upon an article that said Yahoo Inc. is offering free e-mail accounts under two new designations (.ymail and .rocketmail) to attract Web surfers that are unhappy with their current addresses. I quickly opened the signup page and tried to get the new designation registered for myself but unfortunately it did not offer the new designations.

However after googling I found out that it will be available around today noon. nevertheless, for some reason it got delayed but hell yeah it’s all yours now. I had already registered my favourite ID’s under tha 2 new domains "ymail" and "rocketmail". It’s your turn, Signup for the new ymail and rocket mail now! Click Here to Read More..
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As promised, here is the new blogger interface. This blogger interface is for everyone who is bored of the standard interfaces used by blogger. The New Bronzed Blogger Interface represents the Bronze Age or the Copper-Stone Age. The design itself explains everything. I spend hours working on this so hope it’s worth the time.

I have changed my Previous Blogger template to the Brozed Template so I guess my blog is more than enough for a live demo. :D

Enjoy Blogger 2.0 with my unique blogger interfaces. Enjoy!

Download Bronzed.xml>>

Click Here to Read More..
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I'm working on a new, simple, old fashioned blogger template that I’ll be publishing hopefully sometimes tomorrow. This template will be called the Bronze Age blogger template since it will be representing the Bronze Age. Stay tuned for the new template. Cheers.

Click Here to Read More..
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Here are some patriotic stamps I made for the 2008 SAFF champs. You gotta admit that we have one of the most beautiful flags in the world. :D You are free to use this stamp as you like, but if you do I would really appreciate a thank you!

Also check out this simple tutorial to master the stamp technique>> Click Here to Read More..
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Just moments before Mozilla releases firefox 3.0 final, Opera surprises us all with the 9.5 final version which includes major updates to the desktop version of the Opera browser. This could be a pain in the ass for the firefox 3.0 and the their Guinness World Record. Besides the final version of firefox3 will be released leaving about 80% of its bugs untouched as most of you must had heard the news. 

So far I am surprisingly impressed with the new opera 9.5 for its blazing performance and the intuitive interface. 

Here is my first hands-on discovery:

1. Opera Link synchronizes your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and notes between Opera on different computers, and even links to Opera Mini on your mobile.
2. Enhanced address bar searches your entire browsing history, including the contents of each page.
3. Security enhancements: malware protection, improved fraud protection, and support for Extended Validation SSL Certificates.
4. More than 2x faster than Opera 9.2 in rendering JavaScript and HTML
5. Much faster start up time.
6. Opera Dragonfly, the long-awaited tools for web developers is now available.
7. Love the New skin inspired but I think the tabs closing button is abit smaller.

8. The built-in E-mail client handles 6 e-mail accounts. (It does this better than some programs intended to do only that).

9. Opera 9.5 uses way less memory than Firefox 3.

10. Better than i expected. :) you should try too.

I’ve customized its UI to fit my needs and taste. It’s never needed to quit Opera now. :) Low memory footprint and robust against all major threats you can ever imagine.

Although I had been using opera since 2003, I always use Mozilla firefox, IE (and now Safari too) as my secondary browsers just to experience the differences and trust me I feel much alive with opera. Opera from far is just the fastest and the most secure.

Experience it yourself:
Downloaded Opera 9.5>>
Downloaded the 6MB USB portable version from HERE>> Click Here to Read More..
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Maldives win the first ever title in their football history after beating their arch rivals India in the SAFF Championship.

The only goal of the match played at the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo came at the 43rd minute of the second half when Mukhthaar Naseer shot the ball at bullet-speed from outside the box, past the Indian goalkeeper and into the Indian goal. [Haveeru] Click Here to Read More..
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FROM LIFEHACKER.COM: Read the hype on every new web browser released or due out this year, and you'll see claims that every one of them is "faster" than all the others. More » Click Here to Read More..
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Maldives beat Sri Lankans on their own stadium. Despite their home advantage the Sri Lankan team was unable to score any goal although they had several golden opportunities. The only goal of the match was scored by Maldivian striker Oppo. Sri Lankans played an extremely physical game and powerful tackles were aimed at Ashfag (Dhagadey). However, for some reason most of these fouls were ignored by the referee.

The final match is also to be held in Sri Lanka next Saturday. Maldives will face India who had already beaten Maldives 1-0 during the group matches held in Male’. However, we Maldivians have a greater confidence that our team could win the final. Our self-confidence helped us to win the game against Sri Lanka so will the final. Click Here to Read More..
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Click Here to Read More..
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For your viewing satisfaction I would like to present another fine Desktop Wallpaper that you can use on your PC background! Just click on the small preview thumbnail above for 1680X1050 wallpaper or download via the links below for the most suitable size for your desktop.

Goldfish_Wallpaper_1024X640 Click Here to Read More..
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Ok here is a really cool post you do not want to miss. Using just a Cardboard Box, a low cost Webcam, a Piece of Clear Flat Sturdy Material and a paper, build your own multi touch pad in less than 5 minutes. So how does this work;

It’s really easy and simple. It handles tracking blobs of infrared light, and sends your programs these multi-touch events, such as 'finger down', 'finger moved', and 'finger released'. It includes a configuration app and a few demos to get you started, and will interace with most types of webcams and video capture devices. It currently works only under Windows but efforts are being made to port it to other platforms.

See the video demonstration>>
Visit Touchlib Website>> Click Here to Read More..
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It has been a total disaster all this week since its been raining 24 hrs nonstop. I used to love cold weather and rainy days until a few weeks back lighting struck nearby my house and damaged most of the electronics. It cost 2 TV’s, 2 Decoders, a PC (worth $2500 plus), a USRobotics wireless Router and a few more things like cell phone charger’s etc. Not to mention, my UPS blew up just after the fuse box tripped. Luckily it didn’t harm my system. If it wasn’t for my UPS, I should have cried out loud that day :D

Anyways, since it’s all raining this week, I can’t play with my computer too often and this is the excuse for not updating my blog too. ;) I can’t play with my computer not because its raining all the time but not to take any risks because I had experienced the whole lightening-y thingy.

Actually what happens here is random movement of the electrons; when lightning struck, the energized electrons will be looking for an easier path to reach the ground. This static electricity in the air discharges into any conducting material (i.e. my UPS connected to ungrounded A/C wall outlet).It was under warranty too. But obviously warranty doesn’t cover acts of God so I say better buy a new one without arguing with the vendor.

So folks, I advice you all to hook all your PC’s and other valuable gear and hardware to a surge protector/UPS. And also do check the weather news daily and if you hear about lightning or heavy rain, do unplug your valuable stuffs before you go to bed. Trust me; this could prevent a lot of unnecessary heartache and potentially unrecoverable lost data. Also make sure that your Cable line is protected by a power surge as well. More than power lines, there’s a greater risk of sustaining damage if massive electricity discharge into your phone or cable line.

Click Here to Read More..
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Looking at new computational methods for tomography—a technique used by medical scanners to create 3D images—University of Antwerp researchers have built a budget supercomputer using four Nvidia 9800 GX2 graphics cards (a total of eight GPUs with 1,024 stream processors) as its super-calculating soul, which "perform as fast as 350 modern CPU cores." Click Here to Read More..
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Today is my girl's Birth day. Happy B’ Day Swyty! She just turned 22. I couldn’t give her any special gift this year since she’s a million miles away from me. And I’m truly sad that we couldn't hook up on this special day. Anyways I have a birthday painting for her and hope it’s worth it.

I started this painting 2 days back, but couldn’t finish until now. It took me about 4,5 hrs to finish this and there are lots of mistakes since I was rushing my ass off to finish it tonight before I go to bed. But I’m pretty happy with the outcome. What about you?

Once again many happy returns of the day lobs <3>
Please see the full view before you judge this Painting>>
WIP Here>>

Note: I have created a gif animation of the WIP so please be patient while its loading...  :) Click Here to Read More..
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There is a fantasy garden inside us all when we needs to take break from this busy world, It's so peaceful and silent, butterflies fly everywhere. It’s so quite there that we can hear the sound of the butterflies flapping their wings. Very often people get lost in this place and finally finds the way out when someone slaps on the face and say “are you day dreaming again?” :D

Full Preview Here>>
WIP>>(sorry about the lousy WIP. couldn't create anything better :p) Click Here to Read More..
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I'm pretty happy with the way I have done the Gold fish. It's designed using the default shapes (PS CS3) and took about 1/2hr to design it.

Preview>> Click Here to Read More..
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Check out Lenovo’s sense of humor with this ThinkPad ad I found from the YouTube. It’s using a parody of the Apple Air and if you have seen the mac book air advertisement , you’ll find this ad hilarious.  Click Here to Read More..
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This is an ad I did for fun for the HTC Touch phone. it's not that much but enjoyed doing this. Hope its not a waste of time.

Click here for the preview>> Click Here to Read More..
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Dear fellow readers, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog. I Promised to post more often but I got busy with my personal stuffs. Actually I took this chance to enjoy my holidays since I havn’t had much fun for a long time. And hell yeah, I enjoyed a lot. I really don’t think I could write down all the fun I had but undeniably this was the best holiday ever. Me and my buddy with bunch of girls went on a tour to the Leisure World, a modern theme park of novel water and amusement activities

They offer plenty of activities ranging from Lake Rides, Water Rides, Amusement Rides and even special activities for the Kids. I most enjoyed the free fall. It can be categorized under the most thrilling rides in these parks, but trust me, it was the best freefall ride ever. I really enjoyed the way it yanks me back down unexpectedly; it created a whole new felling so all I have to say is it was awesome! :D

I would indeed recommend Leisure world if you care for a day full of entertainment And yeah, if you want to really enjoy the place, go on a week day as we did. I believe the place will be swamped with people on the weekends. Click Here to Read More..
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oSkope is a visual search engine that I recently discovered from the internet. oSkope will give you a domino effect of pictures and videos from Flickr, eBay, Amazon,Yahoo, Fotolia and YouTube. I found the most interesting of the displays to be in a variety of ways.

It has the feel of a desktop application with a really cool visual concept. This is not the best search engine that I would recommend, but it’s really worth checking out.

Click here to see a video clip of what oSkope can do>> Click Here to Read More..
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Feels like I haven’t had much to say anything recently. After the spring exams, I’ve been keeping myself busy re-designing a website, which has been fun. This website was originally designed by me but still the client (naah, not a client , actually a friend) conveyed some modifications. He doesn’t want to disclose his name or the website so I’ll keep it as a secret. 

Anyways, I have a few posts saved as drafts that you’ll be seeing soon. So don’t give up on my blog and keep in touch. Click Here to Read More..
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Here's a quick tutorial on how to design a cool 3 dimentional Globe like the one shown in the picture with just easy 10 steps.

1. Create New Layer
2. Select Custom Shape tool
3. Search for the Globe shape in Custom Shape Picker.
4. Draw a Globe of your Desired size.
5. Create a New Layer.
6. Fill it with Blue using Paint Bucket.
7.Using Marquee or Lasso Tool, Draw Custom Shapes to show reflected Light.
8. Search google for a globe like this and copy only the continents.
9. Dodge the upper portion of the Continents and Burn the bottom.
10. Bring the Custom Shape frame of the Globe to the front and set its opacity to 45%.

Click here to view the full WIP>>
Click Here to Read More..
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This is just one of the MANY ways you could do a speed painting. This way doesn't give such a smooth effect sometimes, but it's the best way to get started. Conversely, always remember to work with lots of references or your painting might end up junk. Also remember to work on grids and multi layers unless you are confident enough not to mess-up your work. I’m not sure if I’m explaining, am I? :D ok ok, Don’t worry guys. Once I’m done with my annoying US history Assignment, I’ll upload a full Tut explaining this in detail. So keep in touch.

Click either on this link or on the preview image to see the animated WIP>> Click Here to Read More..
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Today I wanted to create a new Web Interface and the outcome is this. :D Unlike my Previous Web Interfaces, this time I Wanted to make it abit artistic. I guess I made my point. ;) anyway hope you'll like it. I spend more than 4hrs working on this, (about 3hrs creating its header) so please don't rip this although I'm sharing the PSD file with you. This web interface is designed specially for the Wide Screen Monitors. :) 

Full view>>
Download PSD>>> Click Here to Read More..
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