I'M OFFICIALLY TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD.. AaahhHh!! The fact that most of my friends and family members have all thought about me at least once today made me feel very good and a little more loved. ;) And yeah, my gf was the first to wish me like always and she came all the way from male’ to Lanka just to Celebrate my birthday so i would like to thank her for making my birthday so special. thank you all who remembered my birthday. It was the best birthday ever :D Click Here to Read More..
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I haven't had much time to post anything lately. I've been busy with my exams... you’ll probably think why its taking too much time. Wel, i have already finished all my 1st exams of this semister except for World Religion. The problem is, our lectrurer got sick and we had to retake the missed classes before the exam so he postponed the exam to 1st December, it's driving me crazy. Anyways Here is some old work from me. Click Here to preview>>

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