I am wondering how you feel about an American Degree compared to any other. It seems many of my friends go after American Degrees because it sounds more pro. Others choose Singaporean, Australian etc to get a cheap degree (depending on the University of course). Or could it be because they don't want to waste their time and energy studying crappy subjects like US Constitution, US History, Psychology and other Subjects that don’t concern ones Degree Major.

I don't know about you guys but I think it’s too much for a person who doesn't intend to live in US. I personally had already completed about 23 Subjects despite only 6 Subjects that really concern my Major.

Actually, all this is about a letter I received from Excelsior College. More than 2 years after enrollment, I have been told by Excelsior that they no longer offer the Degree I applied for. Hence, they want me to choose a different concentration. So before I start my last batch to complete the specialization subjects, I must change my entire course. However I’m still not sure what I’m going to choose. So I’m thinking to talk to the management and let them recommend a concentration that best suits me.

If any of you would like to share your opinion you’re most welcome. Also I look forward to transfer my credits to any other College that accredit all the subjects I had completed already and if only I could get the exact Degree I have always worked for, which is IT Graphics Design (BS in Information Technology with a concentration of Multimedia and Web Development ).

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  1. Zine Says:

    thats how American Degrees work... dude they prepare you to survive in anypart of the world. for instant, you'll probably have to take french, spanish or german as a secondary language which will help you survive in europe... that goes for pshychology, U.S history etc..

  2. fayaz Says:

    yeah! absolutely. anyways, I have already completed everything besides my speciaization subjects and french :D, so i guess it turns out all good :)

  3. franc Says:

    u could hav saved alot if u had joined ACBT or Singapre Informatics