Today I wanted to create a new Web Interface and the outcome is this. :D Unlike my Previous Web Interfaces, this time I Wanted to make it abit artistic. I guess I made my point. ;) anyway hope you'll like it. I spend more than 4hrs working on this, (about 3hrs creating its header) so please don't rip this although I'm sharing the PSD file with you. This web interface is designed specially for the Wide Screen Monitors. :) 

Full view>>
Download PSD>>> Click Here to Read More..
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One of my paintings that I started long time back and left unfinished... I was exploring my photoshop folder and found it so decided to finally finish it, hope you like the way I had done it... oh yeah, there are lots of mistakes but I think I'm done with this for now.

full Preview Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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It was just time to say good-bye to my O2 Xda II mini Black (Limited Edition). It had served me for more than 2 years without giving me any trouble. So when I wanted to switched over, I did a little online survey and found out that the HTC touch suites me just fine so I chose it. After 2 weeks of patience, I received my HTC touch yesterday. My first experience with this phone was great. I love it. Everything looks much better than the Old XDA series. Plus HTC touch is unique due to its looks and feel of an iPhone. HTC touch comes with windows mobile 6 which has the windows update function, windows live, external GPS support, Wi-Fi and most importantly the “TouchFLO” which can be used with the touch sensitive screen and a finger of a stylus. The navigation system is also very impressive, with spinning graphics and multiple options. Some iPhone users hate it, saying the HTC touch had copied the functions from the iPhone. But so far, for me it's perfect and I’m very happy with my new smart mobility. Click Here to Read More..
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Here is one of my old works I recovered from my corrupted Hard disk. Over a year and a half old... probably older.. I had done minor modification since I have a copy of the PSD, and will hopefully post a tutorial on how to do this although it’s not that professional.  

full Preview Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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Thomas, 16, a boy with Wind Elemental powers. added a backpack, major change on his spear. fixed light sources. fixed skin colour and background.

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YAAAWN!. I’m sooooo tired. Hav class early in the morning and still i'm fighting to finish this templete. :( anyhow i have managed to finish it. hope ou guys like it. i have tried to design the Cairo look since nobody had ever tried the Cairo web interface until now. hope you like the colours.

Live Demo>> Click Here to Read More..
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He'll charm fellow officers with a doughnut, wile away a Sunday with his girlfriend Rita, or chop up a victim and package their body parts in plastic bags. Hiding beneath the mundane exterior and contrived façade of Dexter, a charming blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department is an obsession with meting his own twisted brand of justice: stalking and murdering the guilty.

2 weeks ago i finished watching Dexter Season 2. And trust me; this is the best series I had ever watched. I’m so addicted to this show, which kept me biting my nails when I thought Dexter was going to get caught, But yes he managed to escape like always. After season 2 was over, I couldn't help googling for Season 3. :D

If I’m to compare Dexter and the some other famous series, definitely Dexter is the best. Secondly Heroes, 3. Terminator SCC 4. Rome, 5. Knight Rider 6. Twenty Four, 7. Lost, 8. Prison Break , 9.Naruto, 10. OC.

Many thnxs to @ly Nashid for introducing me to Dexter!

Dexter Showtime Official Website. Click Here to Read More..
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Audee is the man behind the GRAPHIC IDENTITY Blog. He is a Graphic Designer and often writes tutorials and reviews on his Blog mostly about Photoshop & Illustrator, Digital Graphic Art, Photography, Web Design, Font or Typography.

He writes review of those who has advance skill in Art. But surprisingly he had featured my blog in his website.I never thought someone like him would feature my blog. I mean I’m an ordinary guy like most of you though I do art (drawing, painting, and designing) as a leisure activity. And trust me at first I never thought any one would admire my art works except my academy teachers and threw away 3 years of work I had saved. Well actually my little sis saved my last drawing book until recently she gave it to one of her teachers.

Audee, Keep up the dynamic work and thank you very much for featuring me. I really appreciate it.

My blog review on GRAPHIC IDENTITY Click Here to Read More..
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I made this Concept on request of a Fantasy Writer from Czech Republic, who wanted me to paint this character for a book he’s about to publish within afew months.
I had never done a character designing for a novel before. So I’m not sure if the Author of this book gonna like my one although he says it’s perfect.

The writer explains the characteristics of this illustration as follows…
1. The illustrated person is one of the main heroes in his book. He is a wind-type Elementalist ( Which is a person using elemental powers of wind ).

2. He is like 16 years old, has long light-blue (almost fading blue) hair, long enough that it covers his back.

3. His clothes are colored bright purple, he wears a long T-shirt and pants. His shoes are black and they aren't any special. (No converses, skater boots. Just simple shoes.)

4. On his face, we can see a cheesy smile. In his right hand he holds a spear with a big triangle tip. In the triangle that forms the tip of the spear is another one, which is colored in fading purple/blue.

5. He looks as if floating, and below the picture is written: ''Tomáš'' ( Czech type of the name ''Thomas'' )

Full Preview Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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This year’s Youth Day has been celebrated by Maldivians living in Sri Lanka. Celebrations were held jointly by the Maldivian students studying in Sri Lanka, Maldivian High Commission and Youth Ministry.

Youth Day celebrations began yesterday morning with colorful activities. According to students studying in Sri Lanka the celebrations were initiated by them and were held in collaborations with Maldivian High Commission and Youth Ministry. Students also say that they wanted to mark the Youth Day as they wanted to make this their own day. According to them more than 1500 Maldivian students study in Sri Lanka and that most of them participated Youth Day celebrations held in Sri Lanka.

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