This is an ad I did for fun for the HTC Touch phone. it's not that much but enjoyed doing this. Hope its not a waste of time.

Click here for the preview>> Click Here to Read More..
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Dear fellow readers, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog. I Promised to post more often but I got busy with my personal stuffs. Actually I took this chance to enjoy my holidays since I havn’t had much fun for a long time. And hell yeah, I enjoyed a lot. I really don’t think I could write down all the fun I had but undeniably this was the best holiday ever. Me and my buddy with bunch of girls went on a tour to the Leisure World, a modern theme park of novel water and amusement activities

They offer plenty of activities ranging from Lake Rides, Water Rides, Amusement Rides and even special activities for the Kids. I most enjoyed the free fall. It can be categorized under the most thrilling rides in these parks, but trust me, it was the best freefall ride ever. I really enjoyed the way it yanks me back down unexpectedly; it created a whole new felling so all I have to say is it was awesome! :D

I would indeed recommend Leisure world if you care for a day full of entertainment And yeah, if you want to really enjoy the place, go on a week day as we did. I believe the place will be swamped with people on the weekends. Click Here to Read More..
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oSkope is a visual search engine that I recently discovered from the internet. oSkope will give you a domino effect of pictures and videos from Flickr, eBay, Amazon,Yahoo, Fotolia and YouTube. I found the most interesting of the displays to be in a variety of ways.

It has the feel of a desktop application with a really cool visual concept. This is not the best search engine that I would recommend, but it’s really worth checking out.

Click here to see a video clip of what oSkope can do>> Click Here to Read More..
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Feels like I haven’t had much to say anything recently. After the spring exams, I’ve been keeping myself busy re-designing a website, which has been fun. This website was originally designed by me but still the client (naah, not a client , actually a friend) conveyed some modifications. He doesn’t want to disclose his name or the website so I’ll keep it as a secret. 

Anyways, I have a few posts saved as drafts that you’ll be seeing soon. So don’t give up on my blog and keep in touch. Click Here to Read More..
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Here's a quick tutorial on how to design a cool 3 dimentional Globe like the one shown in the picture with just easy 10 steps.

1. Create New Layer
2. Select Custom Shape tool
3. Search for the Globe shape in Custom Shape Picker.
4. Draw a Globe of your Desired size.
5. Create a New Layer.
6. Fill it with Blue using Paint Bucket.
7.Using Marquee or Lasso Tool, Draw Custom Shapes to show reflected Light.
8. Search google for a globe like this and copy only the continents.
9. Dodge the upper portion of the Continents and Burn the bottom.
10. Bring the Custom Shape frame of the Globe to the front and set its opacity to 45%.

Click here to view the full WIP>>
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This is just one of the MANY ways you could do a speed painting. This way doesn't give such a smooth effect sometimes, but it's the best way to get started. Conversely, always remember to work with lots of references or your painting might end up junk. Also remember to work on grids and multi layers unless you are confident enough not to mess-up your work. I’m not sure if I’m explaining, am I? :D ok ok, Don’t worry guys. Once I’m done with my annoying US history Assignment, I’ll upload a full Tut explaining this in detail. So keep in touch.

Click either on this link or on the preview image to see the animated WIP>> Click Here to Read More..
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