Despite the unsuccessful “the Next Big thing of MS 2007– aka windows live”, Microsoft still continues to develop live services and it seems that now MS had learned from their mistakes and finally come up with a Web 2.0 and afew must-have PC and Internet goodies. If you have recently visited Windows live home page, you must have noticed afew cool things worth trying. I like to recommend Photo Galley, Profile and SkyDrive.

Certainly the recent upgrade of live Services will increase Windows Live adoption rates. And moreover, if MS unite with other leading services like Flickr, Photobucket, Twitter, WordPress etc as said by Chris Jones, windows live could be the best service on the internet. However Apple, Google and Yahoo will certainly fight against it and the results are unpredictable. Anyways let hope that this is something worth to bother!

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  1. franc Says:

    ms sucks, thumb down!!!

  2. fayaz Says:

    you should give it a try dude. the new Live Photo Gallery looks owesome. Just give it a try and let me know. cheers,