FInally I bought the new system today - the configuration is…

1. Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40 GHz (3yrs Warranty)
2. Memory(DDR II RAM Kingston) 4000 MB (3yrs Warranty)
3. MSI NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT 512MB (PCIe) (3yrs Warranty)
4. MotherBoard GA - 945Gn 52 (3yrs Warranty)
5. HD1 - 400 GB Sata (3yrs Warranty) 
6. HD2 - 120 GB Sata  (3yrs Warranty) 
7. Asus 22" MW201U LCD Moniter Certified for Vista (3yrs Warranty)
8. Asus Chassis VENTO 7700 Gaming Station
9. Creative Sub 5.1 Inspire.
10. DVD Writer
11. 1.44MB - 3.5" Floppy
12. 500W Power Supply
13. 6 x USB 2.0 PORTS (4 REAR + 2 FRONT)
14. Wireless MAXg PCI Adapter (Wifi Certified)
15. A4 Tech AntiRSI keyboard and Mouse
16. US Robotics Webcam (Skype Certified)
17. O/S = Windows XP Pro

So What do you think of my New PC? :D too much??? Click Here to Read More..
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Hmmm.. actually this is a tough question for me to answer. People say Mac is better then PC’s, specially for graphical users. And there have been always rumors saying that Mac is far more better than PC. Wel, actually, this rumor is spread by MAC and this is only a saying. If microsoft claim that then people will believe that too. Obviously it depends on the machine configuration, for example an old crappy mac sure aint worth enough to compare with a normal P4 PC. And the latest Core 2 Extreme is sure a good product of the Intel company. I myself has experienced this. My Java class lecturer owns i cute looking Mac laptop (not to mention about the Java lecture; damn she is hot, sure better than her cute little Mac) Her Mac was one of the latest at that time (mid 2006) but it was running more like a p4. I found nothing special. Overall, i think PC’s are better. Click Here to Read More..
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I am a student and currently enrolling a 4 year degree program in Information Technology. I believe that this blog is mainly a way to express my thoughts, feelings, creative and learning process to all my friends.

Today we all depend on technology, we live in a competetive world. and we need to study and keep up with the techonology if we want to servive in this battle. So this blog is just my little bridge, unfolding as I go. I would love to share knowledge and resources with others, as I make my way.

I am about to finished my second year. I have already completed the basics of programming: Java, VB, Database and stuffs, but to tell you the truth i am not very much into this coding stuffs. I love graphics designing but so far, we haven’t started the graphics designing part which is also what i am going get specialized in. Though i haven’t yet participated in my graphics classes, i know a little bit of graphics: Maya, 3Dmax, Photoshop, flash, ImageReady and stuffs.

In my college i have afew interesting people living in my world. And i would like to mention my System Analysis course lecturer Mr Dholweer. He might be acting a little gay, but inside, he is very smart man. As far as i know, he is a retired commanding officer of Srilankan Air Force. He holds a double degree in IT, and Masters in Buissness Administration. And now he is about to start his PHD.

I am mostly interested in drawing, 3d and 2d art. To tell you the truth, the only good subject for me when i was in the acadamy was Art, now matter what i do, i get Straight A’s all the time. After i graduated from my school, i didn’t work on my Arts and yes i have now lost the touch of Art but now i am slowly catching up. I had my childhood art works saved until recently my little sister gave it all to one of her teacher. Here after I will be posing my art works on this blog so that everyone can comment on it. Wel, thats it for now. Click Here to Read More..
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Welcome to my new art blog. I am 22, Male, Maldives. This blog is about my interests : Designing, drawing, video games, music, Technology and stuffs. A little geek, a little artistic and hopefully a whole lotta fun. Enjoy. Please feel free to comment on any post that interests you. And i will try my best to keep this blog updated.

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