My Favorite web browser, Opera still continues to be the fastest Internet browser of all time. Although it never seemed to achieve the kind of success it deserved, Opera Developers still ain't gonna stop until they surpass IE and the Mozilla Firefox. Two days back, Opera Developers announced the popular cross-platform web browser's new version, Opera10 alpha and I could say that the new version continues to please me with the Presto 2.2- rendering speed (up to 30% speed boost compared to previous versions).

Most importantly Opera is looking forward to offer stiff competition with the blazing rendering engines of Firefox and the Google Chrome. Moreover, the Opera10 will offer afew new features including inline spell-check, full HTML email support for Opera's built-in email client, and a perfect score on the Acid3 web standards test.

With ever growing amazing features, Opera still continues to stay below MS IE and Mozilla Firefox. I would say that's not because Opera is weaker compared to IE or firefox, However that’s because IE and firefox's adoption rates are higher than the Opera and on the other hand, many users highly depend on some features like Extensions (Fx) which Opera does not have. Moreover, more than 40% of users choose IE since it’s the default browser that comes with the MS Windows.

Opera just needs to get the attention of the above mentioned users and Opera will be the greatest Web Browser of all time. Maybe advertising it would help Opera gain more love it deserves. And yeah, Opera needs to be more versatile with better addon support, Extensions and also streamlining the password prompt and search bar window might be a good change. Let’s hope for Opera10 final with overall standard improvements.

Opera 10 (alpha)
Opera 9.62 (stable)

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