This is just one of the MANY ways you could do a speed painting. This way doesn't give such a smooth effect sometimes, but it's the best way to get started. Conversely, always remember to work with lots of references or your painting might end up junk. Also remember to work on grids and multi layers unless you are confident enough not to mess-up your work. I’m not sure if I’m explaining, am I? :D ok ok, Don’t worry guys. Once I’m done with my annoying US history Assignment, I’ll upload a full Tut explaining this in detail. So keep in touch.

Click either on this link or on the preview image to see the animated WIP>>

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  2. I'm looking forward for the follow up tutorial of yours... :D
    Why you are not using socio bookmark buttons for your post?
    Try to use them please and its hard for me to follow your post since you don't have feedburner email subscription option too :(
    Be dynamic M!

    ~ A u d e e

  3. fayaz Says:

    hey Audee once again thnxs for the constructive Critisicm. i really appreciate it. I just added social bookmarks to my posts and since you didn't see my feedburner, its on the right column of my blog, just under the BlogCatalog widget. :D

  4. Good ;) will subscribe soon!
    all the best for ya!

  5. fayaz Says:

    thnxs for the comments guys