Lately I have been receiving emails requesting to re-upload some of my stuffs (blogger templates & PSD’s) that have been deleted from the uploaded servers. So after more than a month later, here I am posting on my blog.  Anyways, it’s worth to spend afew minutes checking on my files and re-uploading those which were deleted since there are people visiting and downloading my stuffs at least ones in a while.

Note that all files uploaded by me has been checked, if you have any problems downloading my files please contact me at mfayazatlivedotcom (or just post a comment ;)

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  1. Hi. I tried to download your new Bronzed interface/template for Blogger, however, I could not get the top part of it (which is the most beautiful) to show up on my blog. Take a look and let me know how to fix it:

  2. fayaz Says:

    hi Veni, looks like ur URL isn't working... anyways, just download and upload this templete to ur blogger. It should work fine;

    Working Demo: