26 facts about me because I was tagged by Gloriousrdpress

A - Available?: available 24/7 via msn messenger :D
B-Best friend: way too many to name.
C-Cake or Pie?: love butter cakes :p
D-Drink of choice: Barbican... like the Hosten bottles available in the Maldives.
E-Essential thing used everyday: Computer/Mobile Phone
F-Favourite colour: Orange.
G-Gummi bears or worms: Anything but worms!!!
H-Hometown: Male'
I-Indulgence: uhmmm... I guess internet!?? 0_0
J-January or February: Definetely not January..... back to school.
K-Kids and names: No kids so nothing sensitive to write here.
L-Life: We will live in this world one time and will die one time (so make the best out of it while you can).
M-Marriage date: Marriage date?? Next time pls change this to Marital Status.
N-Number of siblings: 3 younger brothers and a little sis.
O-Oranges or apples: i'll go for Oranges.
P-Phobias:  Searching.... Searching.. Not found!!
Q-Quote: Never go straight always go forward!
R-Reason to smile: smile to get the attraction of others no matter if its a fake one or not.
S-Season: ??? Dexter, Prison Break, Lost, 24, OC, Rome, Heroes, Naruto, Full metal alchemist, Bleach.... had watched all seasons up-to-date. :D
T-Tag three people: will try to find 3 now
U-Unknown fact about me: if I told you I'd have to kill you. so i guess its better to keep it for myself. ;)
V-Vegetable you do not like: can’t think of any. i guess i like vegetables ;D but yeah i  hate all those leaves these guys are eating hear in Sri Lanka. yuck!
W-Worst habit: not sleeping and playing with the computer late night while i have classes in the morning.
X-x-rays you have had: i think about 3 xrays so far.
Y-Your favorite food: Lasagna, KFC Zinger meal. :D
Z-Zodiac: Sagittarius

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you are free to download and use this cool blogger templete. will appreciate if you add a link back to me. well, atleast add me in your buddy links :D

Templete Name: The Maldivian.
As most of you will know, there is a very famous Political website called The Maldivian, but my template doesn't have anything to do with that site. I just gave the name "The Maldivian" becasue this template shows a Maldivian girl wearing the Traditional Dress (Libaas). Hope you'll like it.

Live Demo>> Click Here to Read More..
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Yesterday I met one of my (Sri Lankan) friends relative and we discussed about my dumping PC. Including him, I have got 2 people who are willing to buy my PC for $1500. So I guess I’ll sell it for $1500. Anyways, after we had alittle chit chat he asked me if I had a business card or something. And obviously I said I don’t.. So later I thought to design a business card and I made afew. But unfortunately it’s no need for an ordinary guy like me. But anyway I would like to share what I created with you guys. Enjoy!

Download PSD files. [Designed for Graphic Designers, Artists] Click Here to Read More..
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I'm disposing my PC since i'm going to buy a new one. I'm Willing to sell of parts, but would prefer to sell the whole thing in one go...

Next month it will be one year old and I have taken very good care of it. I still havn't peeled off the protection layer on the moniter. Trust me there is not even one scratch on my Monitor or the CPU.  Also willing to sell the whole rig for the highest bid. The config is as follows..

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40 GHz (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
Memory(DDR II RAM Kingston) 4000 MB (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
MSI NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT 512MB (PCIe) (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
MotherBoard GA - 945Gn 52 (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
HD1 - 400 GB Sata (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
HD2 - 120 GB Sata  (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
Asus 22" MW201U LCD Moniter Certified for Vista (Remaining 2yrs Warranty)
Asus Chassis VENTO 7700 Gaming Station
Creative Sub 5.1 Inspire.
DVD Writer
Wireless MAXg PCI Adapter (Wifi Certified)
A4 Tech AntiRSI keyboard and Mouse
US Robotics Webcam (Skype Certified)
Windows Vista Ultimate + All essential programes.

Will charge extra $20 for Shipping . Free to go if you could collect it from Sri Lanka.
Interested parties email me at mfayaz at live dot com.

[EDIT] srry guys, i forgot to upload a pic of the CPU, so here it is.... Click Here to Read More..
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At last my very unique theme design for my blog is finished. But still not sure if I’m done with it or not! If you guys have any suggestion pls do tell me. I suggest all of you to change to your blogs to XML. Trust me it’s a very flexible format for storing your blog.

Thanks to all the wonderful people around the world for making Blogger such a cool tool. Click Here to Read More..
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With Cairo you can transform your desktop from the dated Windows user-interface to a brand new system that will change the way you use your computer forever. Taking advantage of proven functionality, and with stability and performance in mind, the Cairo Desktop system aims to give users a productive and easy to use shell that advances current technology standards. Welcome to the Revolution.

Cairo is a revolutionary desktop environment for Windows. Our goal is to develop a desktop experience that increases productivity and advances current technology standards. With a focus on stability, performance, and productivity, Cairo is sure to turn a few heads.

Head over to http://www.cairoshell.com Click Here to Read More..
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Every year we all celebrate of romance and good food (something we consider extremely important). and here it is... Happy Valentine everybody!! if you're feeling grouchy today, grab some guys/girls and go Celebrate, its your day girls n boys.

btw, while you’re texting your honey - make sure you’re up on the latest text messaging shorthand…

2G2BT [Too good to be true]
4EAE [Forever and ever]
4U [For you]
AML [All my love]
D8 [Date]
FTBOMH [From the bottom of my heart]
GNSD [Good night, sweet dreams]
H2CUS [Hope to see you soon]
ILU [I love you]
IMU [I miss you]
ISLY [I still love you]
IWALU [I will always love you]
KOTC [Kiss on the cheek]
KOTL [Kiss on the lips]
MUSM [Miss you so much]
QT [Cutie]
TY [Thank you]
TOY [Thinking of you]
URH [You are hot]
UW [You’re welcome]
XOXOXO [Hugs & Kisses] Click Here to Read More..
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"And then there was silence
Just a voice from the otherworld
Like a leaf in an icy world
Memories will fade."
[Blind Guardian-"And then there was Silence"]

Credit: Concept taken from a Lovely sketch by Solstitialis.
Girl in Solstitialis's sketch has too short legs for my taste, and i have used a peacock as the bird nesting on her head. altogether there are 1 peacock, 1 frog, 3 butterflies,  1 chipmunk and a grasshopper. Hope you'll love it. :)

full Preview Here>>
full WIP Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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Wanna have a good laugh at your friend and his misbehaving computer?Then these prank programs would be handy;the victim is sure to get gooseberries!They're purely for fun and not meant for any malicious intention.Try these out on not-so-computer savvy people,they wont be able to find out whats causing the pc to go mad.Recommended for the females! ;)

Schitzo Mouse
Causes the mouse to jump around like it is crazy.

Causes the mouse to shy away or jump from most buttons (even the Start button).

Causes the CD-ROM drive to open up and give you a rasberry.

Causes the desktop icons to fall down the screen, no matter how many times the victim tries to put them back in place. This prank is nice so there is a FallingIcons button that pops up on the system tray. Just click the button to return the icons to their prior positions.

Note:Symantec Coporate detected this a malware but I'm fairly sure that its otherwise. Click Here to Read More..
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Srry for the lack of posts. Kinda busy with my Assignments!!?

Story line: She... is a creature that lives in the deep woods. Her home has been destroyed by the merciless humans and she had to find a new beginning. Dark creepy animals lying beneath the roots of trees are watching her everywhere she goes. She is homeless and she is the last to survive from her kind.

Hope this one’s better than my last painting. I tried my best but I guess it still lacks lightening. 

Preview Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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