It has been a total disaster all this week since its been raining 24 hrs nonstop. I used to love cold weather and rainy days until a few weeks back lighting struck nearby my house and damaged most of the electronics. It cost 2 TV’s, 2 Decoders, a PC (worth $2500 plus), a USRobotics wireless Router and a few more things like cell phone charger’s etc. Not to mention, my UPS blew up just after the fuse box tripped. Luckily it didn’t harm my system. If it wasn’t for my UPS, I should have cried out loud that day :D

Anyways, since it’s all raining this week, I can’t play with my computer too often and this is the excuse for not updating my blog too. ;) I can’t play with my computer not because its raining all the time but not to take any risks because I had experienced the whole lightening-y thingy.

Actually what happens here is random movement of the electrons; when lightning struck, the energized electrons will be looking for an easier path to reach the ground. This static electricity in the air discharges into any conducting material (i.e. my UPS connected to ungrounded A/C wall outlet).It was under warranty too. But obviously warranty doesn’t cover acts of God so I say better buy a new one without arguing with the vendor.

So folks, I advice you all to hook all your PC’s and other valuable gear and hardware to a surge protector/UPS. And also do check the weather news daily and if you hear about lightning or heavy rain, do unplug your valuable stuffs before you go to bed. Trust me; this could prevent a lot of unnecessary heartache and potentially unrecoverable lost data. Also make sure that your Cable line is protected by a power surge as well. More than power lines, there’s a greater risk of sustaining damage if massive electricity discharge into your phone or cable line.

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