Last evening i watched a programme called Bite force in NGC and have learnt some new stuffs. it was about the NGC’s reptile expert Dr. Brady Barrs research trip record the strongest animal bite on the planet encountering animals of all kinds, ranging from lions, Hynas, turtles to great white sharks. i thought the greate white sharks will have the strongest bite force. How about you?

anyways here are the readings Brady got from various animals he tested. i cant remember the exact recording for Wild and Domestic Dogs but the rest are accurate.

1. Humans: 125 N
2. Domestic Dogs: 328 N
3. Wild Dogs: 315 N
4. Lions: 620 N
5. Great White Sharks: 618 N
6. Hynas: 1000 N
7: Turtles (not an ordinary turtle, some kind of a freaky looking one with a long tail): 1005 N
8: Crocodiles: 2500 N Click Here to Read More..
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This is not just a flag. Its a graphics with reflective shadows and look s really cool. If you wanna be a web graphics designer or any other digital artist you gotta learn these basic things. Its alot of fun. Here is how i did it.

1) First draw a flag or just google the web for a flag (i found my one here).
2) Using the Centre marquee tool draw a circle around the centre of the flag and delete the rest (Use shift key to make a fine circle)
3) Add inner glow to the flag. Set the color to white and size about 23
4) Add Bevel, set the bevel size to about 200. Don’t make it too dark or else it will look very fake.
5) Using the centre marquee tool draw a half circle and fill it with white. Change its opacity to about 17. Same way draw a black circle and place it at the bottom.
Thats it guys. Really simple. Really cool. Similarly you can create many cool realistic icons, logos...etc. Just give it a try. Click Here to Read More..
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Here is some of my personal 3d work i've done in my free-time. I am presenting my very first piece of digital 3d art. i have made the final as a Desktop Wallpaper, size 1600 x 900. hope you will like it, C&C’s greatly appreciated. Click Here to Read More..
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Over 300 Interesting & Unusual Facts that will keep you entertained for hours. Good when you’re bored.

For example:

There are more Barbie dolls in Italy than there are Canadians in Canada.


China has more English speakers than the United States. 

Go Read Some of these facts by clicking here. Click Here to Read More..
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Here are some sketchs i scribbled today. its not that good, but it sure is getting better everytime. Click Here to Read More..
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I will share my favourite new songs weekly. I don’t like to keep songs in my playlist for eternity. Infact i update it very often. What about you guys? What are your favourite songs?

Here is an awesome song i just added to my playlist. Song “Summer Wine” by the Famous Corrs and Bono. I like the voice of Bono and find it very unique. Apart from this song “When the stars goes blue” is also very nice song i saw from that concert. And these two songs, Specially Summer wines lyrics is very nice.

I don’t have much time to browse the web to find cool songs, so please do share your favourite songs with me. Maybe i’ll like it.

“It’s a fundamental human need to pass music around, and however the technology evolves, the music keeps moving.” Rob Sheffield

  Click Here to Read More..
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Naruto and Bleach is my most favorite anime series. Some how i manage to keep up with Naruto but i still have alot to watch from Bleach. I guess its because Naruto is better than Bleach. I also watch Avartar and full metal alchemist. If you guys are interested in these series, i can upload them (direct downloads) before they are available on torrent sites. One of my Japaniese friend uploads it for me. I get these stuffs about 3,5 days after its on Air because it will take sometime to release the English Subtitled episodes.

Click Here to Read More..
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This is a hidden song in Windows. Its a very nice clip we could use in flash intros. You can hear this song while installing Windows if you have a USB speakers . i knew about this trick long ago but hey, i just wanted to share it with you guys since it works on Vista too.

if you wanna hear it for yourself, do as follow.
Go to Start > Run> and then Paste:
C:\windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma” without quotes and hit enter…

Your media player should load the song, Enjoy! Click Here to Read More..
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i have a keen interest in drawing and painting. Here's a sketch I whipped up today. Wel, its my first Human Anatomy drawing since i stopped sketching . its been about 3 years and yeah i have lost the spirit of drawing. But Insha Allah i shall continue to sketch here after. In this drawing i have used a normal pencil and basically i have tried to figure out how bad my sketchs look after 3 years of sleeping. Wel, what do you think? Click Here to Read More..
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