This nigga knows whats he's doing, nice beat, anti-snitching lyrics, My favourite, worth having a look!

Download this song (DVD quality)>>
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Click here to view the animated TUT>>
Enjoy! Click Here to Read More..
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Guys here is my latest work which I have been painting for the past week. I’m quite happy with the anatomy and the birds. Basically this painting tells the story of a girl who lives in her fantasy garden.. I cannot, unfortunately, publish a full WIP of the work, since I did not take a lot of screen shots, but I do have the sketch and few screenshots which I’ll be posting shortly. I think I should write some story for this artwork soon..

All painted in PS CS3.

Preview size 1024 x 787 pxls Preview>>
Original size of the painting 3000 x 2295 pxls

Details shots Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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Here is a new Sci-fi Wallpaper i did for my blog visitors. Download full quality (1680 x 1050) Here>>

Preview Here>> Click Here to Read More..
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Here is how I spent my holiday in N. Kudafari.....

First I thought I would be bored there without internet, Good food etc. But hel yeah, everything suited the holiday perfectly and I loved every minute of it.

I made new friends and there were 8 guys in the gang. And we spent the entire holidy together. We spent the day’s snorkelling, fishing, going trips to nearby uninhabited islands etc. (see my photos) We used to have coffee at Sanbow’s back yard every night discussing our upcoming adverntures. Thnxs to Sanbow and Axxa.

I would like to thank Sanbow, Axxa, Saxeen, Thihthi, Wajee and Fira for making this holiday the best holiday ever. I would love to go back and enjoy with you guys! You guys are the most amazing friends I've ever seen! Thnxs guys.

I couldn’t take any photo’s since i was busy enjoying . but here are some photos taken by a friend. Check it Out! >> Click Here to Read More..
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I am an Undergraduate following a degree program in ACHE. I love to create Art in different mediums, specially creating paintings in traditional and digital Media. I do Art as a leisure activity and Art has been an appealing subject to me since academy.

Back then we were taught to paint using traditional methods, and did mostly pencil, oil and watercolor paintings. No matter what I paint, I used to get “Top-of-the-class” and that’s why I knew I had a little art in me too.

As you can see that, lately I have been working with Digital Art and for that, I collect stock Photos from the Web, building a library to assist me with my work. Using these sources I create my compositions and then, using a tablet I paint my work with Adobe Photoshop.

Recently I have been receiving requests for commissioned work but my fixed schedule is not giving me sufficient time to enroll in this activity. So I guess I’ll stick to the fact that I’m doing this as a lecture activity. However, if you are interested in my works please contact via email and I’ll do my best to assist you.

My DevianART Galleyr>>
Add me on facebook>>
Email: mfayaz at live dot com

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I want to wish all of you and those you care about a very Happy New Year.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, contributing comments, and for spreading the word among your friends, I truly appreciate your support.

Have fun celebrating tonight, but please, do it safely, don't drink and drive, don't gamble with your or anyone else's life. Click Here to Read More..
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