Today I wanted to create a new Web Interface and the outcome is this. :D Unlike my Previous Web Interfaces, this time I Wanted to make it abit artistic. I guess I made my point. ;) anyway hope you'll like it. I spend more than 4hrs working on this, (about 3hrs creating its header) so please don't rip this although I'm sharing the PSD file with you. This web interface is designed specially for the Wide Screen Monitors. :) 

Full view>>
Download PSD>>>

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  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. jakekimpton Says:

    This is really nice. Maybe you should get it coded for a live design.

  3. M. Says:

    To jakekimpton... hmmm, i'll give it a go. its header is already floating on top of my blogger theme :D anyways just like you said it will be really nice if we could code a templete for afew CMS, btw thxs for stopping by my blogy