I don't blog very often, but certainly do try my best to b-log and entertain my self as much as possible. According to my blogging history of 2008, I have posted very few about my personal life and blogged mostly about my Art Works and Reviews of interesting new Technologies and it certainly did attract a fine traffic to my blog. So anyway, I'll try my best to post more about my personal life, more Art Works, including Photography in my future posts.

In early 2008, I followed a couple of articles on how to get traffic to personal blogs and websites. Which resulted with a fairly nice amount of traffic. However, for some reason, still 90% of my blog readers doesn't leave any track-backs. This could be due to lack of taste in my posts to them. If so please do leave a comment saying so. And I shall revise it.

Also I would like to mention about an offer I received after my blog post in 2008 about the Thomas Character Designing I did for a client. The Thomas Project was no big deal but with that blog post, I received a project that earned me a fortune, enough to buy my self a Brand New Computer System. So I guess 2008 was not that bad for me.

Updates or not, I always receive emails from many friends and readers asking for help with their blog interfaces, Designing stuffs etc. and yes I do help them with open arms. So if you think I could help you with my rookie talents, please don't hesitate to email me. And of course do subscribe for my blog updates and do leave a comment if you find anything interesting.

Here are my favorite posts of 2008:
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