First of all let me wish all my fellow blog readers a very Happy New Year 2009. I guess many would talk about how horrible 2008 was, but for me, last year was a successful one in many ways; I earned quite something working on small projects, did better in college than the previous year, took a big leap on my love relationship, managed to talk my brother into drug rehabilitation (yes it was a success, he has been a pain in the ass for my parents for like 5 yrs).

Conversely, I did spend more than I earned, will have to continue as an undergraduate for another 2 sems and also i would say it was a less rewarding year than usual. But lets face it, its 2009 and it can only get better. Let us all hope for the best with this new year. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with the world. :) Once again welcome to 2009.

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  1. Zine Says:

    Welcome to TwoThouSand9

  2. franc Says:

    Happy new year fayaz... call if theres any treat before classes commence

  3. Rankamanaa Says: