Get your ideal Blogger templates now with BloggerStyle!Not only they list Blogger templates with nice design, they also do a detail rating base on the functions and usability. BloggerStyles grade them in 4 categories. Templates which score 59% and below get nothing. Score 60%-74% will get a Bronze award. Score 75%-89% will get a Silver award. Score 90%-100% will get a Gold award. For details about BloggerStyles rating system, click here.

Get free template support for templates designed/converted by BloggerStyles.
If you encounter functionality issues of a template designed/converted by BloggerStyles, they will address your problems and get them resolved, absolutely FREE.  

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If you found a free Wordpress theme and would like to convert it to Blogger, BloggerStyle can do it for you. Due to the sophisticate work they are doing, a conversion fee applies. \

Do a multiple search using the friendly search feature.
BloggerStyle have a powerful search function to speed up finding your best blogger template. Try it in the “Search Templates” section found in the sidebar. You can do a single search by clicking on any of the items. Or you can do a multiple search by checking the items and click “Seach Templates”. For example, if you want to search for all the 3-column templates that are designed/converted by BloggerStyles, just tick the “3 columns” and “By BloggerStyles” button and click “Seach Templates”. The templates will then display on the search results page.

Find Blogger related resources and blogging tips
What should you do next after you have found your ideal template? BloggerStyle also do provide some tips and tricks for you to jump start your new Blog.


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