//EDIT_7:30pm: Just moments ago they have released it (finally). Thank you Ubuntu Team! check out the new features

It’s 23rd April 2009! Promised date for the final release of Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope". It's nearly end of the day for me but so far no sign of the final release. Since last night I have been waiting for the final release to hit the servers. Gotta agree it’s painful waiting for the final release. Next time I would recommend the ubuntu team to set not only the date but the exact time it would be available for download. Been waiting patiently for months, guess I could wait afew more hours, or a day for that matter.

There is going to be a mad rush for downloading the release version since there are millions of users waiting for the final release to hit the servers. However, if you can’t be patient until then, you could start downloading the last daily build. In all probability daily build available now would become the final release (maybe with afew minor modifications).

Daily build are available on: http://cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/

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