What do you think of my new blog design? It was actually completed afew days ago but I had to make sure it works fine with the top web browsers; opera, firefox, chrome and internet explorer. Surely still there are afew minor defects (that I hope you won’t recognize).

While the look has been transformed quite a bit, the idea was to keep the elements I liked from the old cobbled together theme while making the whole thing work and not appear so clumsy. That’s the main reason why I used a pre-coded bloggy (thnxs to falconhive).

Anyways, I guess I must publicize my old blogger theme for free download. So keep in touch folks.

Here's my old bloggy;

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  1. franc Says:

    when will u publicize it for free download? i mean ur old blog template.

  2. dude u got a great template.
    i m just new to this blogs and template things
    how can i get a nice template like the one you got?>

  3. fayaz Says:


    u might want to checkout my free blogger templates too... http://scrutinyground.blogspot.com/

  4. Freshalex Says:

    great attention to detail it looks great and it pops out of the page

  5. kaslkaos Says:

    your blog looks gorgeous, love the background drawings.

  6. great job and awesome theme
    where can i download it please reply on my blog...i really like it

  7. heey,, i do really love love love ur template, plz is there any wat to download for free?


    - Hadeel