Yesterday I logged on to my deviantART page and was astonished to see loads of unread comments in my inbox. It turns out that I received my first DD on the free-hand icon set. I actually made this icon set for my personal use; to theme up conky on my ubuntu desktop. Anyway I’m glad that it got DD. I'm so thankful to =eos8 for suggesting it and ^yingjunjiu for featuring it as a DD.

Btw, Thanks for all the watches, Favs and comments! Really appreciate it.

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  1. shager Says:

    As said in the daily deviation suggestion:
    Your icons stand out from the usual hand-drawn ones!
    I can really can make myself a picture of how you sit there and draw every icon with a pencil. So great work has to be featured as a daily deviation.
    And you´re the first one who say thanks which also shows that I featured the right deviant and deviation :)
    Keep it up!