Reader Sean's desktop proves that Linux can be bright, colorful, and geeky all at the same time—there's no reason to be stuck with brown.  Hit the link for the full explanation and a link to download all of the Conky configuration files used to generate this theme. Great job, Sean! Want to see your own desktop featured here?

Read up on how to customize Conky for ambient Linux productivity, and then post your productive desktop over in the Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group complete with a description of the programs and tweaks you used (and preferably links as well!), and we just might feature it here.

via[SeanKelly's Page]via[LifeHacker]

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  1. OCM Teen Says:

    Your blog is completely marvellous. I say this that I love your template. And in an unsuccessful attempt to 'steal' it and I could not quit, however, I do not know why I'm saying that. I just want to say that your blog is beautiful. Love of Teen. *-*

  2. fayaz Says:

    hehehe! buddy i'll only publicize my current template for download when I have time to finish the new one. until then keep trying(to_rip_it) :D