Ubuntu-Desk-Top. This style can be created with afew tweaks to your desktop. To get the exact look-and-feel, you must have the Ubuntu-Desk-Top wallpaper I designed exclusively for my ubuntu desktop. Get the Wallpaper Here..

I have used conky to print out system stats and weather on the notebook Just below that, conky prints out my unread emails on an envolope, following the system date and Calendar. To get the exact look, you'll need the customized conky script here.

Hand watch displays current time (note that its not just an image, I have used MacSlow's cairo-clock to look like a watch).

Use AWN or any other docks, make it's theme transparent. Download and assign Color-Stroked hand drawn icon set I designed for this style. (Photograph, notebook-Links, Coffee-Break Links directs to relevant apps and folders). For this, you can download and edit the PSD files here.

I still haven't got the audio player (zune on Desk-Top) to work. However, if we call in amarok (my fav audio player) using conky, its all done.

stocks, DV and sxc.hu
full view at my devianART>>>

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You're just amazing :) I love your designs!

  2. The links are not working, could you please provide them? Thanks.

  3. The links are not working, could you please provide them? Thanks