On 11th June, OperaWatched gave us a hint on Opera’s next 'Big Thing'. And since then I have been desperate to see Opera's idea of how they intend to Reinvent the future of the Web with their legacy of innovation. And finally, today Opera has announced “Opera Unite”, an outstanding, All-Purpose Server at your desktop. They've turned next version of their browser into a zero-config server for files, music, photos and websites. Read more & Download Opera Unit from [unite.opera.com]

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  1. Ember Says:

    Hello. Off topic, but I found your "BRONZED" blogger layout. Love it, but realize that some of the graphics are missing (header, some of the sidebar bars, etc.). Would it be possible to get an updated .xml or urls to the graphics so I may upload them to my photobucket? Thanks so much. I cannot wait to start using the layout you made. :)

  2. fayaz Says:

    Hi Ember, thxs for ur concern, I have just fixed the link & images of Bronzed template.. u can download it here http://mfayaz.deviantart.com/art/Bronzed-Blogger-Template-xml-81037387

  3. marah Says:

    This layout is simply amazing! very well done! I really love it! ^^ kiss

  4. Freja Says:

    Hi! I just saw your blogger design on Deviant art. And then I found the link to your blog. And it's so beautiful!! Have you done the whole template by yourself?
    Because I'm searching the whole internet for doing my own blogger template. And I can't find it anywhere. I guess that you can't tell my exactly how you did yours.. But do you have any tips? Or any website who can tell me how to do it?


  5. fayaz Says:

    hi Freja, its fairly simple if u know html, css and basic php, actually html and css is enough to custom design blogger. check these themes http://scrutinyground.blogspot.com/

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